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   Living and working in the twenty-first century, today we are lucky, it is happy. Prosperity of the motherland, give us a stable and harmonious social environment, so that we can focus on to join in our cause, so that we can enjoy life a warm place. Whales company is also lucky, more happiness. 

Chairman Mr. Xiao Beiping 

         We caught up with the reform and opening up good times, so that we can on the basis of the older generation of entrepreneurs, give full play whales human ingenuity, so that enterprises have made one after another impressive performance. Looking back, I left the courage to forge ahead of us, dare to struggle a solid footprint and proud and looking forward to the future, we will go far greater pace, faster. "Uphold integrity, excellence, for the benefit of employees, Ze and Cosmopolitan" is our company's business objectives relies on Bing. We will always put the client's interests first, to provide customers with more and better products and services. I firmly believe that as long as we do this, it will get better and better the efficiency of enterprises, employees and the interests of the country there is a guarantee, whales will usher in a more brilliant future.